I was published

It is always an exciting feeling to be recognizes, but to be published in a magazine is just WOW… just to see a project you created and painted in a vibrant colored photo is just super exciting… It was exciting to stroll down your supermarket isle and see the magazine peeking out at me…. I nabbed mine right away at Barnes & Noble….

Fleamarket Challenge

The Dixie Belle Brand Ambassadors were asked to do a challenge for the Flea Market Decor Magazine, the challenge was to paint a piece of furniture in all 6 of the new Flea Market colors. It took me a while to find that perfect piece, absolutely nothing came to me that would look good with all the colors on it… I decided “how cool to paint a door”, I see them all the time on Pinterest, those beautiful timeless, vibrant doors and got on my local Offerup site. I found the perfect vintage door… it was only $40.00 but I had to drive 40 miles, but sooooo well worth it.

Flea Market Decor Magazine

I was going for the layered chippy look. I used all 6 colors. The Flea Market Decor colors are: Reclaimed Barn, Patina, Market Green, Aged Ivory, Birchwood and Golden Years… all available on the Dixie Belle Paint site or check them out here 👉🏻 https://dixiebellepaint.com?aff=183

I was so happy with how it turned out, and even more excited it was chosen to be in the magazine along with three other talented artists. I need to give a shout out to Dixie Belle Paint Company for submitting the photo.

Be sure to check out Flea Market Decor Magazine at your local Barnes and Noble or grocery store. This was April/May 2019.

Thank you all again….

Black Wash

I have recently became fascinated with all things Black lately…. I know grey was in for a while and still going strong, but I absolutely love a simple Black color for furniture.

When I picked up this amazing old “Italian” cabinet I knew it didn’t need a whole lot done to it so I decided to just give it more life with some Black Paint “Caviar” by Dixie Belle Paint..

When I say “wash”, I mean exactly that…. just a watered down color. You literally just wash it on and using a rag wipe off the areas that seem heavy or just where you want more of the wood underneath to show through.

For the gold pieces, which by the way are amazing, and what really attracted this piece to me, got just a finger dusting of Warm Gold Guilding wax. Voila… thats all there was to it…


  • Caviar
  • Warm Gold gilding wax
  • Brush
  • Rag

The Original marble top was just a bonus to this already awesome piece.

Check out all the products here: https://dixiebellepaint.com?aff=183

Creative Knobs

Create this look…

I have been to Hobby Lobby countless times to pick up their knobs for all my various pieces, I tend to get there the week they are not on 50% off sale… lol, but they are reasonably priced and have a great selection. Last week I was at Hobby Lobby, and of course it was the week the knobs were not on sale, so I navigated towards the art aisle and happened upon those fancy natural looking beads that is all the trend now in home decor and thought, “I love those big beads, wonder what I could do with them”. I had a thought to make some dangly knobs for a fun and funky BoHo look with them so I picked up a couple of the bags of the natural Big and Medium beads and some wired twine from the floral department.

“This is what I used”.

I then used my Dixie Belle Voo Doo Gel stain in Tobacco Road, Up In Smoke and Temptress, and did some staining on the beads. If you didn’t already know Voo Doo Gel Stain is a water based stain so its easy to work with and easy to clean up afterwards.

“Voo Doo Gel Stain”

This is the dresser I picked up at a local thrift store, I am painting it for my Mom’s Birthday and her favorite color is Yellow… I used a base of Rebel Yellow and shades with some Hurricane Gray and added a little Lemonade. I used some Voo Doo Gel stain in Tobacco Road on the legs to give them a fresh look.

I liked the idea of the wired twine to be able to twist it and attach the beads to the back part of the drawers. It worked like a charm. I played around with a few designs until I came with the dangly style. I really think they turned out adorable and costs approximately $14.00 in total for 8 knob, and then some….

Shop Dixie Belle Paint Products

  1. Rebel Yellow
  2. Lemonade
  3. Hurricane gray
  4. Voodoo Gel Stain Tobacco Road
  5. Voodoo Gel Stain Up In Smoke
  6. Voodoo Gel Stain Tempress

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Shop Dixie Belle products

I hope mom likes it…

Its not exact science… Mixing colors with Dixie Belle Paint.

I chose these colors because I found an interesting cabinet and I felt it needed a special color…

This piece had such fun detail and fabulous wood that it all needed to be seen… So I started with equal parts of Palmetto and Fluff (which became a gorgeous pale green) and I applied that as the base coat.

All my pieces I paint usually get the minimum of 3 colors, so the next color I wanted was something bolder, a color to do some highlighting with, so I chose Peacock with equal parts of Cobalt, a perfect darker Teal.

I added this color to all the nooks and crannies and did some color blending and even some drips.

I also added some Holy Guacamole in certain areas with some Best Dang Wax in brown. The top of this piece was in rough shape so I did quite a bit of sanding and then used some Voodoo Gel stain in Tobacco Road with a splash of Sand bar to give it a lighter wood effect. Voodoo Gel stain is water based so I used it on all of the exposed wood trim. I sealed this piece with Best Dang Wax in clear.

The hard part was trying to stage and photograph to get the full true colors of this piece.

Product list:

  1. Palmetto
  2. Fluff
  3. Peacock
  4. Cobalt
  5. Holy Guacamole
  6. Voodoo Gel Stain in Tobacco Road
  1. Best Dang wax in Brown
  2. Best Dang wax in clear

Shop Dixie Belle Paints here…. https://dixiebellepaint.com?aff=183

Thank you,

Watercoloring on canvas…

This was such a fun and easy project… My daughter Zoë was looking for something for above her bed and of course I never did get her a house warming gift, only because I wanted something special and handmade, so this became the perfect project…..

I ordered my “Winter’s Song Wreath” paintable transfer from Jami Ray Vintagehttp://jamirayvintage.com and it came in the mail super fast. I am sure you can search for a local retailer that sells Iron Orchid Designs, but Jami is super fast. I purchased some 12 x 16 canvases at Michaels. I painted the canvas in Fluff by Dixie Belle Paint so it would give the transfer something to stick to, I can imagine Gesso would do the same. Then I cut the transfer into four and laid the pattern down on the canvas and positioned it to where I wanted it. The transfer comes with a brayer (plastic stick) to rub the transfer onto the canvas. I rubbed the transfer onto the canvas and just a hint, it helps to have a bubble while rubbing so the transfer comes off easily.

Once the transfer was in place I used my Dixie Belle top coat in flat to seal the transfer. (This really helped in case you drip paint or mess up while water painting, it makes it so easy to wipe off with water).

Next is the fun part…. Picking out your favorite colors…. I used my Dixie Belle Paints, they are highly pigmented and easy to work with. (I will list my colors at the bottom or this post along with a link to shop) I used my small angled brush and water and worked a little magic.

Voila…. go crazy, pick your favorite colors…. its that simple.


  1. IOD paintable transfer Winter’s song wreath.
  2. 4 12 x 16 canvas
  3. Top coat clear flat (Dixie Belle Paint).
  4. Small artist brushes
  5. Water
  6. Peacock
  7. Aubergine
  8. Fluff
  9. Terra cotta
  10. Lemonade
  11. Rustic red
  12. Tea Rose
  13. Apricot
  14. Kudzu
  15. Holy guacamole

Just have fun and be creative…

Shop Dixie Belle Products: https://dixiebellepaint.com?aff=183

Stuck in the 90’s…..

Stuck in the 90’s…..

This Spanish pine furniture was very popular in the 90’s, one of my first pieces my husband and I first bought together to put our stereo equipment in was a big armoire, which by the way I still have to this day , and also one of my first pieces I painted “its a creamy white now”.    I have been seeing these pieces a lot now on the Offer-up and Facebook swap sites.  They have great shape and style, but a little Blahzay to me so when I won this on a Facebook furniture action site for $24.00 “yep that’s right $24.00” I knew it was ready for a makeover…..

I was dying to do something special with this cutie, I was determined to try a color I never use “Red”, yes that is my least favorite color of any furniture, besides I am also on a mission to try all the Dixie Belle Paint colors.   I chose a Rustic Red and I love the way it turned out.


I only needed a nice thin coat of Dixie Belle Rustic Red all over the whole piece.  I added some Best Dang Wax in Black and also splashed on some Putty (also a color by Dixie Belle) in random areas to give it a really rustic look.



  • RUSTIC RED by Dixie Belle Paint
  • PUTTY by Dixie Belle Paint
  • Best Dang Wax in Black
  • Water
  • Brush

This was such an easy make-over.   I hope you add a little color and style to your out-dated furniture……. Be sure to shop here: https://dixiebellepaint.com?aff=183for your next paint project.


Part I of II….


Many of you have heard of the style of furniture she has been named after, but not many know about her….. her name is “Jenny Lind”, she was born Johanna Marie in Sweden in 1820, she was a very famous Opera singer.  After taking Europe by storm and earning the name “The Swedish Nightingale” Lind sailed to New York in 1850 where she was met with great fanfare, she toured under the management of P.T. Barnum and she toured across America.  Apartment Therapy quoted her as being the “Lady Gaga” of her days.  So, in fact, Jenny Lind was never a company brand but was a style of furniture named after her.  Cribs and beds were typically a classic in children’s bedrooms, distinguished by the turned posts or what we call spindles.  So why was this particular furniture named after her???  Well come to find out lots of things were named after her such as The Nightingale “a clipper ship, the Jenny Lind Polka, parks, streets and even a Gold Rush era California town.  It is told that she reportedly slept in a Bed with turned spindles, therefore, the name Jenny Lind.

Now that you know all about her, and maybe have even owned or slept in a Jenny Lind bed then you know that her furniture namesake is still as popular as ever, somewhat even more in the twenty-first century,  the rest of this story gets better because if you’re as sentimental like me then you will appreciate the rest of this story.    Part II to be continued……